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Thread: Phone/Cam Video Shooting through a Windshield

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    I do a lot of video shooting from my Car, and I have finally found a good mount, one of the (Fat Gecko) Models, but before I ordered it I realized that no matter what Mount I place on my Dash, the front of the Dashboard seems to always be included in the shots! I want to find some way to avoid this, but even putting the phone up by the rear View Mirror, it's still in there! Since its a Phone/Cam, the LG V30, I can't change the Len's! Would anyone have any Ideas on what might solve this problem! Thanks John
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    Thank You but I just looked at this Link and Unfortunately, I don't speak German! Is there any way to see this article in English? ...Also what Item specifically, on that page are you referring too!? Thanks John
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    Looks like you replied to a spammer

    Anyway, in order to avoid that you need to minimise all reflections. Start by placing black velvet on your dashboard and see if that works. If it doesn't you'll need to use a black cowl that runs all the way from your lens to the windshield and indeed seamlessly touches both ends so there will be zero reflections coming back from the windshield back to the camera.
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    An example would be something like this:

    You can of course also make something yourself
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    Thanks for your Help Grapes! I will give that a try!

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