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    Default Sorting and keeping clips

    I have been using MovieMaker for Window 10. When I edit a 60 minute church video, I want to created a separate clip for different segments i.e. clip five praise songs and send them to my praise song file. Then create another clip for the sermon and transfer it to my Sermons file, Announcements to the announcement file, etc. In other words, I want to disect my video and transfer the clips to files without having to start a new project every time.

    Is there any software out there that will do that?

    Thank you


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    Hi Steve, I think Hitfilm Express and Power Director should be able to do that. I'm not very familiar with them but they are both free so I'd just give them a go and see if it works.
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    Do you mean you want your five paraise song clips in one praise song video or in five separate ones?
    If the latter then this is easy in just about any NLE seftware (eg HitFilm Express)
    Assuming your whole service is on the timeline, create a time selection containing just the section you want for praise song 1 and "render" that. Rendering is the process of creating a playable video file (eg an mp4) from the clips on your timeline.
    Repeat for every clip you want to create. No need for new projects.

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