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Thread: How to find actors for a fun causal non-professional short film?

  1. Default How to find actors for a fun causal non-professional short film?

    In college I enjoyed scripting, filming, and editing 3 short films with my Canon XHA1. I do the occasional wedding video with my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (1080p).

    However, I really enjoy scripting/shooting movies, However, since I do not have my college friends around, it is much harder to film movies.

    I was just wondering how I can find actors (they dont have to be amazing or even very good). I just love crafting stories and filming like some people enjoy writing short stories.

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    (youth) clubs, schools, retirement homes, supermarket pinboards. Basically any local community is worth checking out.
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    local amateur dramatic societies are a good source of actors though some tend to "project" and can be a bit shouty
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    Post a request on local Facebook/Nextdoor etc social media. I'd suggest not invinting them to auditions at your house though! (Well, not as a first step)

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