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Thread: looking for this effect.. help!

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    Default looking for this effect.. help!

    Hi, I am looking for video effect that is in 0:04 - 0.05 second of this video, what is the name of this effect? I could't find it on yt and it's not a preset in premiere pro...

    The video -

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    It looks like smpt bars (ntsc test pattern) with a noise generator or two or three applied to it. Iíd have to open up Vegas pro to see what I can come up with, but Iím gonna take a stab at it and say I see Gaussian blur as well as white noise (the static). The poofing away looks like ripped Minecraft particle effects (smoke, specifically) that get zoomed in on and cut/deleted individually. There may be several layers (as in 5+) of the graphic to make it work.
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