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Thread: How to use green screen effect on kinemaster pro apk?

  1. Default How to use green screen effect on kinemaster pro apk techbigs?

    I am using kinemaster pro apk techbigs to edit my videos. Is anyone using the kinemaster or not, how to use green screen effect on kinemaster? I don't know how to do it.
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    KineMaster Pro Very professional tool, free, easy-to-use, gets the job done for whatever type of person you are! From effect, sticker, texts, to all sorts of useful things! Personally I don't think there is anything better than this when it comes to more options, and just the little things in general, every bit or work and effort was put into this. Want fill-screen? Got it! Want HD picture? GOT IT! It's perfect for any scenario! Personally I like it, because I'm a YouTuber, and I need something for mobile.

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    Default How to install Kinemaster Pro APK on PC?

    We can use Kinemaster on mobile devices. A question in your mind, how to install Kinemaster on PC.
    First, install a emulator in your PC.
    Then, Download the app, you can also download app here.
    After installing this app, you can use video editor on your PC

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