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Thread: My Year 2020 - Cinematic Travel Video

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    Well ladies and gents, after a long long long time, i have finally released my end of year video (1/4 of the way into the year) haha, anyway its taken me a long time and i have done as much as i can possibly do to it. Think i have driven myself and squeak carzy doing this haha, anyway if you're into travel videos like this give it a watch and maybe a share, much love xxx

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    I feel exhausted after watching that! Lots of great shots. Vibrant colours. Can't take much in but I guess that's the idea - it's just intended to give an impression of the places. But a couple of places to breathe might not go amiss.
    On the other hand it's all failry anonymous. These places could be anywhere, we're not informed. I hope you can remember 20 years down the track. (Hopefully you have some more personal recollections of the places recorded, not intended for public consumption).
    The music annoyed me a bit, but I'm an old git.

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