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Thread: Winter Season Mountain Biking

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    Default Winter Season Mountain Biking

    A summary of mine, and two mates, winter season riding. We're all over 50 and frankly just big kids.

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    Tha was alright. Well done. I've freqently said pretty pictures to music shouldn't last more than 90 secs and you chop it off at exactly that (the stats bit afterwards is for interested parties only - and that's fine.
    Nicely cut to the beat. I'd have liked a bit more of a narrative but at least you have a logical start and (very good) ending and shots are grouped together in sequences.
    I was worried early on that you were going a bit overboard with silly transitions, but you put a stop to that.
    Watched it twice so can't be at all bad.
    As someone who's just turned 60 I can admire people in middle age who get out there and just do it.
    Hats off to you

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    When the chaps hear that we're officially considered to a pretty picture I think that will make their day

    Thanks for taking the time to watch it though. Great and useful points too. First video I've created in years, the first with Davinci Resolve too. As for narrative, something I need to try and get my head around. I did struggle to think about how to pull together a coherent video from footage taken from one of 6 different cameras (GoPros, DJI Pocket 2, Drone, even iPhones and one crappy camera a mate found in the shed), at different times of the year, day and weather conditions. I need to really think about that for the next one.

    And yes, I should have removed the stats, but was too lazy when I uploaded it to YouTube


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