A long while back, you may remember I was trying to start a gaming channel on YT. I was asking you all about text overlays and such and I've been given some great advice that I still use on many things (some not video-related, even). I ended up abandoning that for a really long time, but recently decided to get back into it when I started playing RDO with some friends and we kept getting funny crap to happen to us (mostly fails). So I decided to repurpose one of my many channels I somehow ended up with and convert it into a gaming channel where I teach people how to not play the game ("the game" refers to more than just Red Dead). I still need to redecorate my page, but I have uploaded a few videos already. In terms of editing, I'm still trying to find my style, but I do believe I'm getting pretty close to it (I'm still a fan of textual overlays and I've adopted memes into them too).

Here is one of the videos (Red Dead Online):

Between that video and the previous one I posted (part 1 (I recommend watching it because future videos can and will rely on clips from previous videos (and also because it's hilarious))), you can definitely see some evolution. I also try to use actual screenshots of the videos for the thumbnails. But anyway, what do you all think about it? Like I said, I still have to redecorate the channel, so don't focus on that too hard lol. I'll actually start doing that after I post this.