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    First real attempt at a band Christmas video. I bought a Zoom Q2n camera to film my bands gigs but due to the pandemic we haven't worked since March. So, we decided to team up with a fellow artist to film a little Christmas video.<br>
    The " equipment" used was:<br>
    Zoom Q2n camera;<br>
    QSC Touchmix 16 Digital mixer (for audio);<br>
    Lightworks video editor;<br>
    Reaper DAW;<br>
    Various AKG, Shure and Rode microphones.<br>
    <br><br> <br>
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    Great sounding recording. I've played with many DAWs and even though i've had some success and they are all basically the same Reaper is the only one that I really "get". Film's fun too

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    Wow, Awesome...

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    Wow, it looks amazing. You did a great job!

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