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Thread: Netherlands in 1920, amateur film recordings

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    In the 1920s, there was an American family who could afford a lot of 16mm film.

    They have made many recordings during trips through Europe and America, including in the Netherlands.

    From that collection I have acquired the original 16mm recordings in the Netherlands.

    With the following index:

    The Hague.
    The Peace Palace.
    Hotel Des Indes.
    Zuider Zee.
    Island of Marken.
    Dairy and Cheese Farm

    This 16mm film is going to be digitized in 4K with an archival-grade scanner and eventually be put on youtube.

    For now I got some quick and dirty recordings of the projected film made with a DSLR.


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    Always nice to see a glimpse of the past in motion. Looking very much forward to the end result!
    The cats are watching us...

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    Wow, i'm always fascinated by old film, from long ago, so much has changed,

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    Street Scenes
    Island Of Marken

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