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Thread: Should I use Youtube videos to market my business or not?

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    Default Should I use Youtube videos to market my business or not?

    Aloha there!

    So I have a small video production business started up and I need to get the word out there. Since I don't have any connections in the field and I'm kind of an outsider, I need to get smart when it comes to marketing myself online. I make animated corporate videos, advertisements and promotional videos etc...
    I figure since my job is to make videos for businesses it makes sense to use videos to promote myself, right? I am thinking of having some videos on Youtube where I talk about my business, how I work etc etc.
    BUT...In the past I used Youtube for fun, before I started my business. And I provoked some people, caused a bit of a shitfest towards myself....I got some very bad "trolls" that acted all mental and did what they could to bug me online. This was from in 2007-2010.
    I guess I worry that the worms are gonna come out of the woodwork if they notice me on there again...They could harm my reputation and of course scare off clients with their psychotic behaviors. So...what do you people think? Should I or should I not post videos on Youtube again (professionally this time)?

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    I would use it with a new account that you only use for business purposes. Note that YouTube doesn't like if you produce videos just to drive them to your website. They want you to provide content that can stand for itself.

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    You could also remove comments section under the video. Just include contact info on the video.

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