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Thread: Help with what specs i need for a Gopro video editing laptop

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    Default Help with what specs i need for a Gopro video editing laptop


    I am looking for a laptop that I can use to edit my gopro videos. The videos would range from 2-10 minutes maybe 15 at max. I wanna get something that won't have much lag and will be able to handle it pretty smoothly. The videos won't be anything professional as i am only 15, sorta just a hobby. I am just beginning to look and all if the technical stuff is very confusing to me. I wanna know kinda what i will need spec wise *Processor? Ram? Gpu? Hard Drive? Editing software? all the other stuff? I don't want to spend a fortune on it either as i am only 15 and don't have a huge cash flow.*


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    Hi, hope this helps. . . .Sadly it means spending money to achieve good viewing in real-time from Editing. Watching the files in a "Media Player" isn't very demanding, so you can only use this to compare laptops (eg in a shop). What you could try is to take some GoPro files on a SDHC card and see how they play on different laptops.

    You could try friends laptops as well, but unless they have a video editor this won't show up the tech problems.

    Fact is that having a separate Graphics card is good . . . but in terms of performance - a Desktop is likely to be significantly better for the same money. It is also likely to be easier to upgrade as money allows, and can be repaired easily. If your chosen PC has HDMI output, then you can use the TV as a monitor, giving you a larger sharper screen.
    For Video editing you will need a second hard-drive to store the clips and the Rendered movie....again this is likely to be expensive if you want to have this internally. Try to avoid USB-2 external drives.... these are suitable for "copies" but will slow down playback through the Editor.
    The above applies to any movie footage, not GoPro in particular....
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