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Thread: Introduce yourself - part two

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    Default Introduce yourself - part two

    Tell us a bit about yourself...
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    Hey Everyone!
    My name is Kaato, I'm an English teacher in Japan. I have been a long time reader of this forum and finally decided to join up. よろしくお願いします。(yoroshiku onegaishimasu - Look after me) lol!
    I use to use Sony Vegas for a long time but finally made the move to Final Cut Pro X, and i know a lot of people hate it but i really love it!
    Looking forward to meeting you all, and hoping for some helpful tips and trick for improving my production and.... Apologies in advance for all the questions i may be asking! haha!

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    I found it the introduce thread!

    Hi all, I am from TOCC and we are doing a fun Christmas challenge in work about videos so I thought I would join the forums and maybe get some advice and tips!


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    I'm steve and am brand new in the video world. I own the Adobe Premiere and After Effects and am trying to learn them. I come from a background of graphic design and am wanting to learn video now.

    I hope to learn a lot on this forum and look forward to meeting you on here.


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    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. found it in google search. just looking to network and make new friends with same interest

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    Hi there. I'm based in Northern Ireland. I have been dabbling in putting videos together for my website for about ten years. I decided to finally get some sort of qualification in film making a couple of years back and in the last year changed direction as to what kind of material I produce and moved on from my previous website. I am a complete novice on a learning curve but enjoy trying different things out and having a go. My equipment isn't up to much due to not having any money! But I am upgrading a few bits and bobs as I go. I am always open to constructive criticism from experienced hands and hope to learn a few things from coming onto this forum.

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    Hey, new to forums period. Looking to talk about editing and makin movies! I freelance video and photo. Love new gear, tech and nerdy stuff!

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    christhewei Guest


    Hey guys, my name is Christopher and my youtube channel is ChristheWei if u wanna see some of my failed videos, but some of them are also good. I am actually an 11 year old kid that is exploring in video editing. I am experimenting and learning to add special effects to my vids. I have been editing videos for about a year and a half. I had recently started vfx about a few months ago. I need some help with vfx though, all i can do is add stock footage and a little bit more.

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    Hi All
    Im Gary for Stafford uk,im 43 on Tuesday and am a sales advisor.Since getting made redundant from my previous job in July (photographic) i no longer have any dslr equipment as it had to be handed back :( so i decided to venture into making short movies,first one is just underway,using galaxy s2 and zoom q3 for convenience and vegas pro 11 for editing.
    Hope to show you all soon.
    Happy new year folks!


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    i am 16. I live in teaneck nj, i started video editing from playing around on imovie. i just fell in love with it, it is amazing. I have been editing for 3 years now. and i already have a internship with a pr firm in nyc, and am the head editor of my schools club.

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