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Thread: Introduce yourself - part two

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    Hi, This is Branatwo.

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    Hi and welcome to Flixahls and Branato
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    From near London in the UK and in a band. I purchased a Zoom Q2n camera to film our gigs but the pandemic put a stop to them in March. Looking for something to do we decided to link up with a fellow artist to record a Christmas song and this is our effort. Edited in Lightworks with audio recorded on a QSC Touchmix 16 Digital mixer, you will see I am very much a beginner.

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    Hello everyone. I am new on this forum but not a novice in filming cool videos. So if you need any advice: welcome!

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    Hi, i am 15 and my dream is to be a film director but now i need money to buy my first camera so i have learned how to edit and created gig on fiverr (if you want you can check it: ). I want to go to a film school but i donīt think my parents would let me. They want me to study engineering becase i am good at it but i want to follow my dream. I havenīt received any order on fiverr yet so i guess i have to be patient. Sorry but english is not my native language i am from Slovakia. Now i edit in shotcut becouse it is for free but i think i can do some work with it

    Thank you for your time...

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