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Thread: A quickie 5 minute video

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    Question A quickie 5 minute video

    Hey guys,

    My brother got engaged, finnnnally, as in, finally met a girl he wanted to marry, and proposed in 5 months! I put together this little quickie video from that night, and I'd love to hear what you think.

    The video footage is a little murky, I have a rebel xt, but it doesn't fit in my pocket or rest on my drink tabs well, so I used my canon sd850 to capture all pics and mini video clips (it was nighttime, so a leeeeetle tiny bit of bleaching was needed just to see people).

    Mardi Gras hugs to all.....

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    Now that was really cool very well done under tough lighting condititions. and the editing was great. Everyone looked happy the little lady was just really pretty in all the videos and still photos as were everyone else. You got all the really needed people into a quick and neat viewing. The music worked for me. I am sure everyone in the party will enjoy this video you put togather.

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