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    What format do you use when you import "assets" into Encore DVD. MPG, AVI, WMF, etc etc ???


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    DV AVI

    This lets Encore do the encoding at a bitrate that suits the media and project size.

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    As much as you might be right, I would also argue that the version of Encore has an input here as well though.

    I'll explain. I always work in widescreen. Encore versions 1 and 1.5 would quite happily import my DV AVI but would never accept it as widescreen. It makes no real difference to the project because once it's playing on a widescreen TV then it's all ok. It's just impossible (in my experience) to preview the project in widescreen if you source from DV AVI from within Encore. Export to M2V and WAV files and preview as widescreen is fine.

    At the end of the day though, it'll be the same encoder so shouldn't matter one way or the other.

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    Never used Encore with widescreen footage so never knew that issue even existed. I will bear it in mind when my new camera eventually arrives.....

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