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Thread: And the winner is...

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    Default And the winner is...

    ...actually the winners are Tony A and Turn Media who managed to get the exact same points. In fact only 3 points seperated the top 5

    Well done to all those that entered!
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    So even with your lacerations, contusions and aches’n’pains you struggled on to collate the data. Well thanks, Marc, it’s been a hoot – hope you are back sprinting again. A good standard by anyone’s reckoning – I rate all of them, especially ‘The Twin’ and ‘The Turtle’. Great credit to all who entered.

    Shame all you well known names (you know who you are) weren’t in it this time. TM if I’m ever near Retford maybe there’ll be a celebratory pint.

    If we go through phases, this one’s taught me that I know jack all squared about real editing. But the good news is that I feel inspired to create more ‘meaningful’ stuff – like Mark W’s arty ones.

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    Ha, praise from the great - thanks.

    I am annoyed mine never got made yet. Still will be finished. I also have to admit I got in a mighty strop about the comp when I realised my entry was going to be delayed so i havent even watched other peoples - super sulker.

    Now it's over I will have a look at them all.

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    I am very surprised... (and pleased of course) but I thought either TonyA or The Guru would waltz off with that one... both of theirs were great.

    Well done to everyone. I thought the general standard was outstanding. I am just a bit sad that the camera I shot mine on is now in camcorder heaven. ( and I'm still waiting for my new HDV to arrive )

    Now, when do I get my half share of that ten thousand quid?

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    Well done, chaps!
    I try to make someone happy every day - but it may not be your turn today . . .

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    Excellent result.

    I must say that I thought that Tony And Turnmedia's entries shine and are the two which deserve to be at the top of the pile. That doesn't mean that the rest were cr*p! I think it's sad that we didn't get more entries from younger videomakers though.

    Of course I'm a bit disappointed that my entry isn't up there but (if I'm honest) it just wasn't up to the standard of the winners, so I really think that it's a fair result.

    Well done you two!

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    well done guys. pitty we didnt get any time to put something together :( but there is always next time!

    any idea when the next comp will be? hows about making the next very soon

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    Congrats to all, maybe I'll give next years a go (then again maybe not). No, seriously well done to everyone the quality of work was fantastic.

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    Would it be possible to let me know how many points I got? Just curious, if not, I understand.

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