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  • Alan T Riley's Avatar
    05-11-2021, 10:32 AM
    Hi. My name is Alan and I'm 67 years old recently retired from Liverpool. I like music and I am current teaching myself Cubase Artists 8 on imac. Since I upgraded to Big Sur, Cubase Artists 8 is no longer compatible but still works on my 2 windows 10 laptops. I am looking to learn some video editing and I was looking for some advice on the best suite to start with for a beginner or any video editing courses i could enrol on, either physical or virtual? Thank you in advance Alan
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  • ianharding's Avatar
    05-27-2021, 09:08 PM
    Hi, all, Hope your all safe and well? After 18 months in the making, i present Zey's New Episode in the series :) Volume is up for Voices/Music/Sound/Sp-Fx. Synopsis: Zey bumps into Clara Cat, on the bus on his way to visit his Grandad Zeppe!, after receiving a letter from him, a surprise, He is unwell, and has created a Time Machine but hasn't tested it yet!, Zey accidentally trips on the start button, they both embark on an adventure through time and space,
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  • TimStannard's Avatar
    05-03-2021, 10:18 AM
    Made for a 10 to 3 competition where we had to make a 3 min film from supplied 10 mins of random clips. Please don't post answers here - I'll do so in a few days.
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  • tridecagon's Avatar
    05-25-2021, 11:36 PM
    I’m looking to get a better camera than what I currently have. I have the Sony HDR CX405. It’s not a bad recorder, per se, but it’s not great either. I haven’t checked the latest footage yet, but what I have seen from it so far is kinda bleh. It says it’s 1080p, but it looks 720 scaled up. If the footage is viewed on a smaller screen, it looks beautiful. Looking at it on a computer monitor, it looks like trash. Scaled up to tv size and it’s barely likable. It seems to me that at least 1/3 of...
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  • Grazvydas's Avatar
    04-27-2021, 11:56 AM
    Hey guys! I hope it’s okay to approach your community like this. If it’s not, please just delete the message. We have just launched an exciting new tool for video editors and would like to get some genuine feedback. In essence it’s an automated video logging tool designed to save you time, so you can use it to craft mind-blowing stories that resonate with your audience. We’ve been nurturing our baby for a while and it’s time to hear some proper feedback from creatives with various...
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  • FL-Artist's Avatar
    05-11-2021, 01:50 PM
    I have been doing some 4K videos, 3840 x 2160 and then exporting them same size to MP4 files, on my VSDC Editor. I then connect to OBS software on my PC, and try to Go Live with one of them, but they play very Slow & Freeze up, and the audio keeps skipping! This only happens with the 4K Videos! not the HD videos that I Stream all the time. Is this 4K resolution maybe just too high for Facebook LIVE? and I do run a speed test on my Internet connection, previous to my broadcast! Thanks John
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  • mallllias's Avatar
    05-25-2021, 12:22 PM
    Good evening to all! A small video with a tractor with iron wheels. A conversion from, normal wheels in iron ore, so that it can enter areas with water for growing rice. A conversion that some of you may not have seen, perhaps! here is the video
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  • AutoCut's Avatar
    06-07-2021, 10:24 AM
    Hello, I would like to hear your opinion on our Premiere Pro plugin : Autocut automatically removes silences in Premiere Pro. Do you think this extension could be useful for you? Here is a user tutorial : We can do a promotion if you are interested;)
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  • nd0586's Avatar
    07-16-2021, 06:11 AM
    Hi all, Looking for some recommendations. I've got a few hours of footage of me and some friends hitting some jumps. I'd like to save myself the time of going through the footage by hand and editing out the long gaps in between the action. Is there any software that can detect motion in the video(i.e. someone going through the frame) and then save just that bit of video? Thanks in advance for any help!
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  • avasig's Avatar
    06-09-2021, 12:51 PM
    Hello, As an amateur videographer, I mainly create travel and family videos. My footage comes from 4 cameras, a SONY ZV1, a Mavic 2 a DJI Osmo and a Nikon DSLR. I use Lightroom to review and catalogue the footage, and I use Davinci Resolve for post production. I need advice on alternatives to Adobe Lightroom for cataloging video clips. Lightroom is really good to assign rates, stars, tags, keywords to the video clips. But it is really poor to play the actual footage, although my PC...
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  • Ray Dunakin's Avatar
    05-19-2021, 03:07 AM
    Hi folks! I have a new video I'm pretty proud of. It's not perfect but I put a lot of effort into it and I think it turned out fairly well. I hope you'll enjoy it: It’s night in the southern California desert. Gradually, the sun rises and reveals a fantastic, otherworldly landscape of incredible beauty. As the morning progresses, the desert comes to life. Colorful birds and insects such as the tarantula hawk wasp flit among the flowers of mesquite, palo verde, and other desert trees. ...
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  • k5j5mfo's Avatar
    06-25-2021, 10:39 AM
    Hi I am after a video editing software that can copy a timestamp from the clip and save it on word/excel/or other documents. At my job, I am viewing a lot of CCTV footage where I have to manually type the time stamp for the clip onto a word document where something happened. Will save more time if the software will do that for me, the time bit I mean, because I can write the rest. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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  • tywaser's Avatar
    05-06-2021, 06:20 AM
    I am using Pinnacle Studio 21 with a Dazzle DVC-100. When I try to capture an hour of video from a 8mm tape camcorder, the software says there are 10000 dropped frames. Is this a lot? Video is kind of glitchy too. I am using windows 10 on a computer with 8GB ram, 3ghz processor, 500GB hdd. What is wrong? Seems like 10000 dropped frames in an hour is awful. Please help.
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  • Steve Luckett's Avatar
    05-05-2021, 01:38 PM
    Always get great comments and advice on this forum for my videos, so asking for the same for my latest: I was going for a !Japanese Comic" feel lol All comments and suggestions are gratefully received: Regards Steve
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  • matzim95's Avatar
    05-20-2021, 09:45 PM
    Hello! I'd like to start by saying hello, as I'm new here. I'm Matthew and together with my friends I create an IT startup dealing with video analytics. Recently we've developed a product for anonymizing photos and videos, that is, for blurring (masking) faces and license plates. The software works in an automatic, fairly intuitive way. A free version for watermarked anonymisation can be downloaded from My question to you, as people who process photos and videos on...
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  • Janiceobrien's Avatar
    05-05-2021, 04:14 AM
    I am using picsart pro apk at Techbigs to edit my photos and videos. Does anyone here also use picsart or not, let me ask how to make overlays for picsart? Please guide me.
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  • NickieSanx's Avatar
    07-03-2021, 01:13 AM
    NickieSanx started a thread PC Montage? in How do I do this?
    Hi i just entered the forum. My sister found this amazing video edition about a woman doing yoga. I dont know how to describe it. The only thing that pops in my mind is a montage. Other than that i dont know how to look for it. Thought might as well ask in a specialized forum about it. Here i am. This the Instagram video. Hope you can send us in the correct path. My sister wants to start doing Yoga videos and maybe add this editing to hers. The main question would be which software was used,...
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  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-02-2021, 06:13 AM
    Has anyone experience of putting together a timelapse of a building being constructed? What gear do I realistically need? Presumably a camera that is connected to the mains? Control via a PC rather than the camera itself? What about frequency of shot? Fixed exposure or auto? Obviously this will require rock steady stabilization, but what other requirements? Any other advice/recommendations (for equipment or otherwise)? This is for a one-off project.
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  • toolman123's Avatar
    06-06-2021, 10:06 PM
    Hi there, I am wanting to put together a short video to help promote my website. The video will be under 5 mins and will consist of interviewing people, some outdoor footage and some music. I have previous experience with Final Cut and Premier Pro so I should be able to put something together. My question is... can I use my iPhone 7 Plus for this? I do not have any budget for this as it is a personal project. The video will be placed on the website and possibly YouTube.
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  • vkmast's Avatar
    07-14-2021, 04:53 PM
    MAGIX has discontinued the VEGAS Movie Studio product line. Version 17 is the current and final version of the product. It has been replaced by a product called Movie Studio 18 (three versions), which is developed by a different team in Germany and does not have much to do with the U.S. Madison version (VEGAS Movie Studio). Currently it is still marketed at, but it's not considered a VEGAS product.
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  • Bill_in_London's Avatar
    06-28-2021, 04:09 PM
    I recently acquired a 60fps camcorder, previously I was filming in 50fps. The 50fps video was silky smooth viewed on a PAL TV (via a media player), less so via the PC and it's monitor. The 60fps footage plays silky smooth on the PC and it's monitor (Refresh rate: 60 Hz) but choppy played via the PAL TV, regardless of media player settings as it only likes PAL footage. Is there a way or a refresh rate for a new monitor that will play both 50fps and 60fps smoothly so both can be viewed on the...
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  • JiggypuffFridays's Avatar
    07-10-2021, 06:47 AM
    Hi I'm Jiggy and I run a YouTube channel with short editing tutorials & lifehacks I've worked for some big YouTubers for a few years and now I'm sharing some of my knowledge check it out! :^)
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  • nrkazmi's Avatar
    06-22-2021, 06:11 PM
    Hello respected friends I need some advice regarding video editing. I am trying to make video in which i am filming myself in 2 videos, such that in one video I am asking questions only and in the other video I am disguising as another person and answering the questions asked in first video. Now since video one consists of only questions and video 2 consists of answers, in the final edit i want that i split each video into small clips and then i stitch them together in such a way that each...
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  • PPFilm's Avatar
    05-06-2021, 05:00 PM
    This film introduces Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The main attractions that appear in the film are: The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace, Frederik Church, King's New Square, Town Hall Square, Rosenborg Castle, Gefion Fountain and Nyhavn. Welcome to! <span style="color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87); font-family: Roboto, Noto, sans-serif; font-size: 15px; white-space: pre-wrap;">
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  • kim.jansen's Avatar
    04-27-2021, 12:51 PM
    Hello everyone! I hope this is okay to post here. If it isn’t, you can delete this and I apologize in advance. My name is Kim Jansen, a fourth-year Creative Business student at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. In collaboration with music tech company Cyanite, I am creating an infographic for Production Music Libraries, so that they can understand the value of AI technology. To create the infographic, however, I have to gather data from video professionals using production...
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  • PPFilm's Avatar
    06-01-2021, 05:05 PM
    This film introduces the first part of Södermanland in the central province of Sweden. Important cities and attractions in the film are: Eskilstuna, Strängnäs, Mariefred, Gripsholms Slott et al. Welcome everyone to enter the movie to enjoy!
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  • newclassic's Avatar
    06-05-2021, 11:05 AM
    Hey guys! New to the site and by no means a pro. I have a very frustrating issue only come to light lately. Basically, I'm a drummer and I've been uploading drum cover videos for years without problem. Same routine every time. Drum audio in logic and video recorded on samsung s10 lite. In the last 2 weeks I've uploaded several videos thinking all was ok. But! Massive problem seemingly. My audio/video is out of sync depending on where you view said videos. Sync is kinda, ya know......
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  • LJR69's Avatar
    06-13-2021, 11:47 AM
    A 90 second montage of the Big Lads on Bikes (BLoBs) mtb escapades this Spring. It's also the season I dislocated two fingers and badly knocked up my shoulder after a failed jump. Gotta suffer for your art :) Enjoy
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  • mallllias's Avatar
    06-26-2021, 07:36 PM
    Good evening to all! A short video from the beach of Keramoti in Kavala - Greece the day before yesterday with the full moon, Straberry moon some says. The video was made with a unique lighting of the moon. Was done to test shots in the 'absolute darkness'. Difficult case, since I do not have a faster lens, I have the Tamron 28 75 f2.8. The relevant compression was done by ytube, which also did some 'damage'. Here is the video and happy summer to all!...
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  • Paul2129's Avatar
    06-20-2021, 01:51 PM
    Hi guys, I hope you can help me. I'm aware that this is not an Apple specific forum, but I guess that Macs are becoming more popular for video editing these days, so I think that for obvious reasons you may be well qualified to answer this question for me. I don't take to computers naturally, and just when I was starting to get slightly used to a PC..... I bought a Mac, and it mostly still is rather alien ! my rough process (so far as I can remember it correctly) : create a folder on...
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  • postcd's Avatar
    06-28-2021, 10:37 AM
    When i use LosslessCut software to merge cuts (should be keyframe cuts) made by LosslessCut software, for this particular project it cause that in 3/4 of the resulting video the audio is 1 second ahead of video (even the source video fragment/cut seems in sync). The mpv player says "Audio device underrun detected." I have tried to shift the audio for the cut: ffmpeg -i "$file" -itsoffset "$direction""$time" -i "$file" -map 0:v -map 1:a -c copy "$tmpdir"/"$filenew" it worked, but the audio...
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  • Paul2129's Avatar
    07-06-2021, 06:28 AM
    I'm trying to get a usable system for handling footage of video and photos on a Mac, I did post something similar previously, perhaps someone here can help me ? my main issue was that of iCloud online storage causing me a tangle, my footage currently comes from my phone, and iCloud was quickly full and complaining. I've turned off iCloud photos, turned off syncing, moved my photos stored on the Mac to an external drive, deleted much of the icloud storage via the online portal (since dumping...
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  • PPFilm's Avatar
    07-07-2021, 05:00 PM
    This film introduces you to the second part of Södermanland, the central province of Sweden. Important cities and attractions in the film include: Nyköping, Oxelösund, Katrineholm, Flen, Trosa and Tullgarn Palace and so on. Welcome everyone to enter the movie to enjoy!
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  • sannesley_73's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:15 PM
    Hi Folks, Just joined the forum so apologies if the question is a but weird. I have recently bought a drone and I'm having a ball flying it. Problem is my PC is a bit slow at editing the footage. I increased the RAM tody from 8GB to 16GB to start improving things. Nest item in my sights is my graphics card. Currently I'm running a NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 which I believe is a bargain basement card. Can anyone recommend any graphics cards they use in their editing set-up? Maybe an AMD card or...
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  • Grapes's Avatar
    07-22-2021, 08:51 AM
    Very affordable though :)
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  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-22-2021, 08:18 AM
    Thanks Grapes. In the end we opted for a purpose built camera - Brinno TLC2020 with weatherproof housing. It seems to do the job although I can't say Im impressed with the quality.
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  • Grapes's Avatar
    07-22-2021, 12:45 AM
    Hey Tim, sorry I didn't notice this one earlier. I've looked into this in the past. Different budgets have different solutions and different building dates have different options as well. For me there where two systems that where viable. An all in one system based around a DSLR and one around a GoPro. If it's a one off you may want to look at hiring. My research was back in 2017 or so and back then for me CamDo was the best budget option:
    3 replies | 67 view(s)
  • Grapes's Avatar
    07-21-2021, 09:31 PM
    You can probably do a fairly cheap sensor trigger before the ramp. Alternatively, get someone to press record in exchange for some beers or something :D Looks like mad fun by the way. I've been looking into electric mountain boards because we don't have slopes like that over here but there's some forest trails and BMX pump tracks. Shame those prebuilt boards are quite expensive! Been eyeing Trampa stuff but they're like triple the price I'd be willing to pay for that stuff :/. I realise this...
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  • nd0586's Avatar
    07-19-2021, 07:53 AM
    Thanks Tim! Yep that's what I've been doing so far, but it's a recurring problem(I e. We ride pretty regularly so get a lot of footage) so I was hoping that I could find something that I could set up once and then use for years... Sounds like it might be a bit more complicated than I'd thought though! My other solution I was considering was some kind of motion triggering on the actual recording, so I will have a look into that a bit further too. Thanks for your advice!
    4 replies | 133 view(s)
  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-19-2021, 07:32 AM
    There probably is but you need something more specific than you have stated. In the example you have given there is only the beginning and about one 15 sec period in the middle where there is no motion. So you'd need somehing that can detect motion within a specific part of the image. But that most likely won't be enough as you'd want to see several frames before and several frames after that. Quite honestly, you'll probably spend as long setting up the paraneters as you would going through...
    4 replies | 133 view(s)
  • zamiotana's Avatar
    07-18-2021, 10:08 PM
    One good life hack for me is if you go the the UK, bring your own orange juice and maple syrup - proper coffee would probably be a good idea too
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  • nd0586's Avatar
    07-16-2021, 06:41 AM
    Edit: here's an example of the clips I'm trying to edit
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  • Coinmok's Avatar
    07-15-2021, 03:20 PM
    Coinmok replied to a thread Software Video Editing For Dummies in How do I do this?
    I'm using "Movavi Video Editor Plus 2021" on my Mac, but it also works on windows
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  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-14-2021, 05:45 PM
    Thanks for teh info vkmast. that had a certain amount of inevitabilty about it when Magix bough Vegas from Sony as theer isn't really the room for two "budget" NLEs in their catalogue. i still find their array of music production software quite bewildering.
    1 replies | 211 view(s)
  • andrew432's Avatar
    07-13-2021, 07:18 AM
    You have to use HitFilm Express, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe premier, etc. these are best software for video editing. If you want to make animated videos then you can use Blender and Animaker. My friend use Blender and Animaker for animated videos.
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  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-05-2021, 07:52 PM
    TimStannard replied to a thread PC Montage? in How do I do this?
    I wish her luck and don't foget, she's encouraged to post the results in the "user videos" section of this forum.
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  • DanielTBaker's Avatar
    07-05-2021, 05:45 PM
    i saw some of videos on youtube about 2,3 months before because then i do CB Editing and it is very easy. You just need some practice then you can make glass overlay too with in 2 min. Step 1: Open Image. Tap on Edit and select your image. Step 2: Select Image for Overlay. Tap on Add Photo and select the image that you would like to use as an overlay. Step 3: Enlarge Image. Drag the bottom right corner of the added image to enlarge it. Step 4: Adjust Blending Mode. Step 5: Confirm. ...
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  • NickieSanx's Avatar
    07-04-2021, 01:59 PM
    NickieSanx replied to a thread PC Montage? in How do I do this?
    Thank you very much Tim for explaining the process. Now we see it clearly. She will try to make it happen. Thank you again very much!!
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  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-03-2021, 02:40 PM
    TimStannard replied to a thread PC Montage? in How do I do this?
    You won't find a plug in to do that - it's done manually and is quite a bit of work. 1. Copy the video to two tracks. 2. On the upper track play forward until you get to the point where you want the second image (which up to that point will eventually be the "still" version of teh model) to start moving. Let's call this the "merge frame" as this is the point where the two videos will become one. 3. Create a still image of that frame. 4. Delete everything on the upper track that is before...
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  • Grapes's Avatar
    07-02-2021, 11:26 AM
    Ah if it's literally that, that's entirely different. However you could theoretically use the built in Windows Snippet tool to it copy it to the word file as an image.
    3 replies | 146 view(s)
  • TimStannard's Avatar
    07-01-2021, 08:53 PM
    If I understand correctly what the OP wants is a way of copying a timestamp that is embbedded in the original video (ie not the time from the start of the the clip, but date/time recorded onto the CCTV footage). I know of nothing that can do that.
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  • Grapes's Avatar
    07-01-2021, 09:51 AM
    I know adobe premiere can do this. You can just scrub and then click the time and to ctrl+c . Made you a sample vid:
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  • Bill_in_London's Avatar
    06-30-2021, 06:58 PM
    Would a very high refresh rate monitor overcome this? Say a 240 HZ gaming one, would it play all 25/30/50/60fps smoothly?
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  • bouldersoundguy's Avatar
    06-28-2021, 08:18 PM
    Most likely you can manually change the refresh rate of your monitor. Mine is kind of old so it's stuck at 60 Hz unless I lower the resolution a few steps below the native resolution, at which point I get the option of 75 Hz. That might mesh better with 50 Hz.
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  • johndear34's Avatar
    06-24-2021, 02:55 PM
    Thanks for this solution! A dedicated software team can provide a number of benefits for your business. However, before you choose one, you need to take the time to look over all of your options. There are plenty of businesses that use these types of development firms, but you'll want to choose one that has the right mix of expertise and resources. Your company needs to have the best outcome possible, so it's important to choose someone who...
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  • bouldersoundguy's Avatar
    06-23-2021, 02:07 AM
    Pretty much all video editors do that, there just might be certain quirks of each that lead you to prefer one over another.
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  • zamiotana's Avatar
    06-16-2021, 02:09 AM
    What? The curtains? Jump cuts are the best - some day they will all be yours!
    2 replies | 383 view(s)
  • Grapes's Avatar
    06-15-2021, 08:38 AM
    :D No problem. In this day and age of "there's an app for that" we often forget that there sometimes are non-app based solutions that work just as well.
    3 replies | 305 view(s)
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