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Thread: 25 GIG edit to be rendered!!!

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    Default 25 GIG edit to be rendered!!!

    Does this sound right? I have just finished a 1hr-45min wedding video that I edited in Premeire 6.5. Nothing fancy, peiced together, several transitions. Default settings. The final render is going to be 25 GIGS! That's never going to fit onto a standard DVD is it? Where did I go wrong?

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    When you went to render the movie it may be that some of the settings were set wrong. If you go into File>Export>Movie and then Settings this will open the Render settings menus. Yous hould have a list of 4 items in the left hand box, these being General, Video, Keyframe and Rendering, and Audio. (Forgive me if its slightly different I am using Premiere Pro 2.0).

    Now click on Video and towards the bottom right make sure that the box labled "Recompress" is NOT ticked. Basically this stops any recompression that is not needed (ie footage you have not changed with effects or such like).

    It may also be worth unticking "Optimise Stills" in the Keyframe and Rendering menu.

    Doing these two things should help and will also speed up the render time.


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    Every 20 minutes of video weighs in at around 4.5 to 4.7 Gb and as you have 1 hour 45 mins or 105 mins, so that means you have five 20 minutes sequences multiplied by 4.5 to 4.7 Gb which equals 22.5 to 23.5 Gb in total, so you are not too far out with the 25 Gb filesize. The most I've ever squeezed onto a DVD was part one of a wedding at 72 minutes, I think the BURN button was greyed out when I tried to burn more than the 72 minutes so I had to apply more compression, lower the data rate and use lower quality in the settings dialogue box to get the BURN button back again.

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    You will easily get 1hr 45 on a DVD and at good quality too. The file you are rendering is a DV file and NOT a DVD file. The DV file needs to be exported using the "Adobe media encoder" in the File-Export menu. Choose Mpeg2 DVD and then choose the "hi quality 4mbps VBR" template, this will give you nicely compressed and SMALL mpeg2 dvd files to burn to disc. If you are burning directly from the timeline this template can also be chosen in the burn to disc wizard.
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