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Thread: Hinted Videos???

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    Default Hinted Videos???

    I showed a video to my mate the other day and when i sent him the link over MSN he said it doesn't look Hinted and i didn't know what he means, could someone explain? And also does anybody know of a website that lets you have a lot of webspace for free or cheap and where you can store videos...

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    As you can see there is no point in people streaming a 21 mb video that is only 39 seconds long, please someone help me! If you need to view the video you can on this link -

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    There are plenty of places like google and you tube if just want to get your videos seen but if you want full control then check out buying your own webspace. In the states you can get 1000mb hosting for about 1.70pm

    Don't know about the hinted comment, ask your mate must be stakeboard talk.
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    Default hint

    hinting is a thingy with quicktime compression that improves streaming performance.

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    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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