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Thread: Computer crashing while capturing with APE 2.0

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    Default Computer crashing while capturing with APE 2.0

    Hi gang,

    I'm desperatly inneed of help !

    I'm running Adobe Premiere Element 2.0 and I started archiving my old VHS tapes to DVD.

    I am playing the tapes from my VCR to my Sony DCR-TRV17
    MiniDv digital video camera (it's the camcorder that digitalize the video stream) and finally from the camcorder to my computer (running Windows Xp Home) via a firewire port.

    My problem is that the computer freeze when using Adobe Premiere Elements to do the capture. It usually happens after at least 30 minutes of capture is done.

    I am now downgrading by doing the capture with Windows Movie Maker (!) because I do not have any freeze problem with the same setup and with the same computer. Needless to say I'm disappointed.

    I run a 3.4 Ghz P4 with 500 Mb of RAM.

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    Would you give a bit more detail as to the spec of your computer make and model, including how much space is left on your hard disk and when did you last defragment it? The 30 minutes is an interesting time you mention, I'd almost be tempted so suggest you were usind FAT32 file system instead of NTFS but you obviously are using NTFS aren't you? Are you getting any error messages relating to codecs or missing files or maybe you need updates for your version of Windows, also make sure you don't have a screensaver set to come on, switch it off completely especially when working with video or your virus checker might need to be deactivated during capture periods.

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    As long as you make sure you choose DV-AVI as the capture format in MM,(in the wizard it says "best setting for my computer" under that there is "show more options" choose DV-AVI from the drop down list) then you are getting the same quality as using Premiere. After you have captured the files they can be imported into premiere for editing.
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