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Thread: Best Spec - Graphic Card and Ram etc?

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    Default Best Spec - Graphic Card and Ram etc?

    I want to use the computer soley for editing/special effects/DVD burning.

    I use Prem pro 2, A/E 7.0, ENCORE/ audition 2.0.

    How much ram (more than 2GB?), more than 200 GB hd, Processor? and which graphics card would you recommend?
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    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Don't wory about it. Video editing just needs huge hard drives and a fast CPU. Most of the work isn't done in ram, at any one time only a few frames are in ram. The rest of the video work is on the hard drives, so overall speed is set by their head settling times and continuous read/write rates.
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    I agree mostly with crusty, CPU and HDD are the most important qualities and 2gb at least for anything from adobe, but in my own experience PPro 2 and AE 7 run noticebly smoother since I upgraded my graphics card from XT800 128mb to XT1600 256mb. But I would add to that not to bother with SLI or the latest top of the range cards as this would be a waste of money, the xt1600 cost £100.
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    Thanks Guys

    I was going to Buy a new CUSTOM built computer dedicated soley to Adobe Prem Pro Editing/After effects/ Photoshop/audition/encore...I've seen several on the market which are within my price range (£1000) and below...

    AMD Athlon 64X2 5000+AM2 PROCESSOR with WIN XP

    1024 MB CCR2 memory - 533MHZ,
    300 gb ATA Hard Drive,
    256MB Nvidia GeForce 7900GT

    Do any of you have experience with any of these items? I only ever had an off the shelf PC before (pent 4) The description/spec given really made them sound like the "Dogs undercarrige" and everything I would need for a smooth editing experience.

    Thanks again

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