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Thread: Premiere for Mini-DV.

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    Smile Premiere for Mini-DV.

    this is my second post in this forum.
    I'm beginning to try to use Premiere Pro 1.5 for editing my mini
    I have problem : I do not what settings should I choose when I start project.
    My camcorder is Panasonic NV-GS25,Capture Format in spec is "Mini DV digital consumer-use SD" .
    What does this mean exactly and what project settings should I apply?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Firstly does your camera have Firewire or USB? Are you in Europe or the States? Do you want widescreen or normal?

    Feel free to email me through the link below.


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    thanks for help.

    I have Firewire, Europe(PAL)
    and I do not sure what I want and what does it mean
    "widescreen or normal".

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    Sorry for the delay. Normal (4:3) is for standard "square" TVs and Widescreen (16:9) is for predictably widescreen TVs. It does not really matter what you use but I stick with normal for my customers as most Widescreen TVs have an anamorphic mode which will make the picture fit. Obivously if you have a widescreen TV then go with that but if the DVD is watched on a normal TV then the picture will be reduced further by the usual big black lines at the top and bottom of the screen.


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    Thanks a lot, Mark.

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