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Thread: Green Screen

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    Default Green Screen

    Ok, I've got Adobe Premier, After Effects, Sony Vegas 6d, and all that. I got a nice large green screen from the Adobe Suite... but here's the thing, I don't know how to use it ... I mainly use Vegas because Premier is so deep and I don't have time in my line of work to dedicate that amount of time to a production. I make all of our commercials through Vegas, I work a little with after effects. Could someone please tell me how to use my green screen. I'm shooting a commercial in 6 days and it will require the use of my green screen. Thanks!!

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    * Put person in front of green screen
    * Record the Sequence
    * Import clip to Vegas
    *Add the "Chroma key" Effect
    *Import Clips to After Effects
    *Apply one of the "Keying" effects

    Bob's your uncle!

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    Thank you Irish Mark.
    I am going to try that.

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    Irish Mark, If only things were that simple!

    Firstly, the lighting on the screen needs to be PERFECTLY lit. The difference in light intensity between the subject and the background needs to be perfect too.

    The major task is 'tuning' the sliders in the Chroma FX to ensure that the settings are optimised.

    Chroma is tricky to get right. Anyone can do it but it takes time to perfect.
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    Ultra (expensive) says that their software can cut people out even when the screen is not perfectly lit.

    I can understand that a underlit screen with shadows is going to have all sorts of colours that are going to be shared with the talent.

    But if one has lots of light...(I have a studio with studio lights)

    1) How tricky?
    2) Should I buy Ultra?
    3) Is there any difference between movie studio platinum and the full on Vegas in their abiliity to chroma people out of the background?
    4) When using a one CCD cheapo mini DVD camera, is the noise going to make green screen impossible?
    5) Please can you share your green screen videos?


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    This is one that I did on a blue screen. It's appeal is limited to my daughter but it shows what can be done in Vegas 6. Therefore, no critiques of the video please!

    Make sure that your cloth has no creases and is matt. Even better, I would recommend a bright (gaudy) blue or green matt emulsion and paint a wall. Lighting should not be direct but can be bounced off an opposite white wall or wall/ceiling combination to diffuse the light and minimise shadows as much as possible. Stand your subject away from the wall to make any last vestiges of shadow even less pronounced.

    Remember that the colour chosen for the wall shouldn't be close to anything worn by the subject shot. Even a blue shirt against a gaudy blue wall will prove difficult to separate in Vegas.

    Finally, take time to play around with different combinations of brightness/contrast to make the background as distinct from the subject as possible.

    my link can be found at;

    Hope this helps?
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    Wow! Your movie is great!

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    I guess you must be under three and called Alexandra then..........

    Only joking.......thanks for the compliment.

    I have always wanted to paint a big wall and have my daughter do a dance and have her going around the world like the guy on 'Where the hell is Matt?'

    You can have real fun with chroma give it a shot!
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    All good adivce above.

    Here is my effort - adult only I think, but not that adult, or maybe it is...

    Done with a 8ft sq proper green screen and lit with cheap site lights. If you gat the talent infront of the screen a fair way it is much easier. L:ght the screen with one lot of lights and the talent with another to cut down shadows.

    All done with the vegas keyer.

    I dont think single ccd cams are neccerceraly more noisey and given the lighting levels noise is irrelevant I should think.

    I would like to know if these add on keyers really perform better too.

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    The Videoforums quick guide to green/blue screen

    Irishmark was right, greenscreen is easy with a few precautions. With a minimum of care, the background doesn't have to be perfectly lit, most software can cope with a bit of deviation.

    In my competition entry there are four greenscreens, all done with a quick and dirty set up and a few minutes in Permiere Pro.

    It's all in the above article...

    Edit... T'riffic little film by the way skodster, made me air-sick just watching it!
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