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Thread: will this system have any problems

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    Default will this system have any problems


    Can you tell me if you think think this system will be ok:-


    We are hoping to purchase this system asap to record lectures. The audio feed into the CANOPUS will be from our PA system and the video from the camera

    We will be capturing live in real time but what I need to know is will the CANOPUS put the audio/video out of sync as the video will come from the camera but the audio will be coming from our PA system ie. does it convert in real time . I hope this makes sense!!

    Any help much appreciated. Are there any othe rproducts you could recommend that would capture from composite in realtime?

    or would this be a better capturing device for our needs?

    p.s the spec of the cam if relevant is

    TPT201BDN with Day/Night function. 27 x Speed Dome Camera with Sony Super HAD CCD, Camera Lens: 3.25mm - 88mm, 27 x optical Lens, 352 x Digital zoom, Resolution 480TVL, 1.0Lux / F1.5 Day and 0.01Lux/F1.5 Night,
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