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Thread: Help! Compression/video size problems.

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    Default Help! Compression/video size problems.


    I've been messing with some sizes and compressions between Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premier. I prefer Adobe for editing because of the options, however I can't seem to get it to compress like it does with Windows Movie Maker, even with the same settings.

    I'm recording WoW with Fraps, with a set FPS of 29.97 for recording.

    In Windows Movie Maker I save the file in NTSC (DV) with a 16:9 or 4:3 ratio, and get this: ( guild video )

    I then import the same .avi Fraps files into Adobe Premier Pro ( the file resolution is at 640x512) and export the movie as a .wmv, with settings of NTSC (DV) with a 16:9 ratio, and get this: ( this video is much larger for some reason, eek!)

    If you notice in the first video, it is sized correctly and has decent color quality. In the second movie, the size is all messed up, but with a bit better color quality. I'm not sure how to export the video from Adobe Premier and get the same size ( as the first video ) and same quality ( as the second ) Any suggestions are appreciated!

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    Yer i have the same problem i have a skate video and its only 39 seconds long but when i compress it out of premier elements the quality is reduced greatly and the size is 21 MB !!! people have told me to reduce audio and video bitrate but for some reason it does not make much difference if i want to keep a good quality. My friend use premier pro and the quality of his videos are fine even though they are liek 8 mb so maybe it is to do with the editing software? I dunno...

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    When you open premiere and are going to use it for anything other than DV video resolutions, premiere needs to know what it is going to get, at the new project settings window choose custom settings and then choose desktop in ppro 2 or custom (If I remember right) in 1.5 and then type in all the settings to match the video to be imported,like res, aspect ratio, fps and audio settings.
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    I have fond out how to sort my size problem. What you have to do is edit the video in premier elements then export it UNCOMPRESSED as an .avi file. Next you will need quicktime pro, open the uncompressed avi file into it and then click export on the file list menu. Now you can choose for hinted streaming/best streamign options and many more. If you need the best settings for internet streaming take a look at these

    Hope it helps!

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