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    Default Keyboard with jog shuttle

    Hi I'm looking for a shop that have this keyboard the only shops found are in the US, have any of you seen this keyboard here in EU ?
    The keyboard in the link is the new version that comes available in september, what I'm looking for is a shop that sells this keyboard.

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    That URL seems broken. Perhaps this would work as well?
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    Odd I have no problem with the url.....

    but anyway the dosn't have the keyboard I want, they have an early version with Avid layout.

    But it's the Premier Pro version I'm after.

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    Neither of the URL's work for me...

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    You could get seperate keyboard and jog shuttle and save money from

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    I spent two mins on google and found this: "" If you look at the "optinals" from this link, theres one.

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