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Thread: Dirty Star's New Video - Check It Out Now....!

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    Default Dirty Star's New Video - Check It Out Now....!

    You can view DIRTY STAR's latest video - "I Didn't Come 2 Save U" - on my frontpage in MySpace:

    or visit YouTube:

    The track is taken from their recent EP, "The Mad Raven - (In Monostereo)" on Phurry Records.

    Enjoy and feel to comment on either website!

    Steve @ Azimuth Films

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    Some interesting colours effects, but I'm not sure if it fitted with the music, and I didn't get the TV style effect where the clips where shrunk and slightly wonky - was this intential?

    Anyway, nice attempt!

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    Thanks for the remarks and feedback.
    The video was deliberately not lip-synched. Both the band and I wanted to cncentrate on the visual aspects of the edit as opposed to a boring 'sing to camera' format.
    I wanted to get a completely different 'feel' from the usual (and often turgid) music video format.
    The band are of the indie/urban genre - they are looking for something completely different.
    The 'wonky' TV style effect was also deliberate - so thanks to AE I was able to change the TV screen shape as the sequence progressed. So yes it was intentional. Infact this effect was replicated on other sequences too.
    The lilac imagery was to coincide with the band's current visual imagery for marketing and publicity.

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    is this to promote the band or just a bit of fun?
    if it is a promo then i didnt like it, the effects are all over the place and you only have about 10 different bits of footage. it would have been nice to have seen a little more of a link between the video, effects and the song.

    effects are good but when used in moderation. is a case of less is more. try making footage interesting enough without effects.

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