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Thread: "juddering" movement

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    Default "juddering" movement

    I'm a newie to this so please be patient.

    I have a load of old tapes with trains on (sad I know) but I'm trying to get them on the PC to edit them.

    I bought a cheap Dazzle 150b to get them onto the PC. I have to use Studio 9 as my Prem El 2 does not see the dazzle.

    It will only import as mpeg2, which I then edit into each clip and save it - again as an mpeg. I then create the DVD in Prem El 2.

    I know that this isn't good (lots of Mpegging etc), but thought I could live with it.

    But before converting 16 hours of video (!) I did a quick test DVD. To my horror, when played back on the DVD drive on the telly, the moving train is very juddery, as if it is flickering between two frames. Its horrible to watch. It does do this on the PC, but you can't see it when editing in either program, only when viewing back on Power DVD player - but I thought this was my lousy monitr, which doesn't have the refresh rate to cope with video !

    What have I done wrong - is this a feature of all the mpegging ? I can use my Panny DVD recorder to digitse the video, but again, that creates an mpeg.

    Is there a decent external hardware encoder out there ??

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    It may be your interlace is set wrong. Usually it's second field first, Maybe one of the regular Adobe users on here can tell you where to look for this.
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    I will check all the settings, but I haven't tinkered with anything other than the default settings.

    I'm sorry to be so vague, and to have so many variables in the mix, so at this stage I don't know where the problem lies. I take it that this is not a "feature" of the Dazzle 150 ??!!

    I've checked the settings on premiere Elements (used to create the DVD), and the field order settings are "progressive, upper or lower". It is Lower.....

    On a more general note, is what I'm doing a good workflow. To me it seems a bit dirty, but my options are limited by the hardware. May have to upgrade if the bug bites !!
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    Default ...

    Just wondering does it judder on the timelien of premier elements as well because i have a problem on one clip a bit like you do...

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    Hi Andy

    Do you own a digital camcorder with AV in sockets and Firewire out? If you own one or can borrow one then you can connect your (I presume analogue tapes) VCR deck up to your camcorder and connect the camcorder to the computer with the Firewire cable, that is assuming you have a Firewire connection on your computer? Personally, I wouldn't use Dazzle, they are not up to the job, you want to try a different route like the one described above.

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    I think a friend has a canon DV camcorder which (if memory serves) will act as a digital to analogue converter, so may try that first.

    The effect is rather like watching movement on a strobe light, and can induce a headache within seconds !!

    Thanks for all your help - I may be back !!!!

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    Hi Andy,

    If you would like any assistance feel free to contact me. I use all the Adobe Pro software.


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    Why not cut ou the middle man and go straight to DVD? For about £80 you can get a DVD recorder. If you're not planning on editing, this is the ideal solution:,41340000

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    That's the trouble ! I do want to edit....several three hour VHS's into little clips of say 30 seconds to 3 minutes long, and store them on HDD or DVD as individual files.

    Then I can send them via internet, or make dvd's by picking from the files.

    I could do this on my panny DVD recorder, but it is easier and more accurate on the PC. Or so I thought !!!

    I think my problem is the convoluted workflow, and trying to pinpoint where the problem occurs.

    I will do some more tinkering, removing bits of the process and will try to use the Panny to digitise the tapes instead of the dazzle.

    My PC seems a bit sniffy about what USB2 stuff is attached, so that may be another source of aggro.

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    Andy - as you have noted, I have also posted a juddery DVD thread - I partially solved this last night by ticking a setting "Deinterlace video footage". This certainly gets rid of the juddering for me, so I think this may help you too. However, so far I can only find this setting when exporting a movie (produces a large, high quality AVI file) - I then added this AVI file to a DVD project and burned with some other software from Sonic. The setting can be found Export Movie>Settings>Keyframe and Rendering>Fields. There are also options to change the interlacing - upper, lower & no fields - however none of these seemed to make a difference. Only deinterlacing seemed to work for me.

    I have tried finding the same setting on the DVD export but it is not there. There is a project setting option for fields in the "General" section, but frustratingly the dialogue is greyed out. Does anyone know how to activate this?

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