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Thread: Here are some of my videos

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    Exclamation Here are some of my videos

    I am new to this forum, and heres some of the movies I've made in teh past.

    Hope you enjoy! feedback is appreciated

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    hello?!?!?! hello?!?!?! hello?!?!?

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    Eh they were alright. I see you have the drive to want to make some films so thats good. I'm just gonna say some of the stuff that people said to me when i firsted started. Like for those hard to see scenes you need better lighting. Um i think if you had some horror music playing durring your horror film it would have been better. And on the opening of alien assasins that is just too much camera shake. But remember i'm just putting out points and keep on trying cause you can ask anybody here after i listened to them on how to do videos damn did my video skills upgrade. So keep on try and good luck on your next vids
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    thanks for the advice!!

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    lol ur fdeff on the right track, deff heading on the right direction.. Things people are gonna say like lighting etc wll be things to work on, but your got dosn the impirtant basics as in how to do scenes instead of having one scene for a long time. Music is pretty good.
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    Didnt watch much of the first two, dull with no sound for me.

    Third one.

    Good stuff, watched to the end and was engaged throughout. The main positive is that you had an idea and actually made it happen, sometimes that is the hardest bit.

    I also liked the use of the music and the weird use of animation at the end, nicely done. It was all there and it worked as far as it went.

    Now the criticism...

    -Auto focus - Must be off, looks really crap when the af wanders.
    -'Clever' wipes / fades - oeee NASTY, just avoid them, totally, they look cheap and distract from the content.
    -Titles- bit long at the start I thought.
    -Sound- some of the dialogue was almost inaudible, you guys should invest in a cheap shtgun mic and things will be much better.
    cinematography - too many shots were just too long. Look at films and see how the shots are arranged to create interest and draw the viewer in. EG, for a shot of two people talking, start long and then cut close in to one person talking and cut between the two. Lots more work but well worth it.

    Keep up the good work guys, you clearly have passion and enthusiasm and that is the most important thing

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