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    I have recently purchased an external hard drive to ease the burden of mass video editing but when I try to export to it the render gets so far and then says there is a problem and aborts the render. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone else use external hard drives? I wondered of ots because I am exporting from one hard drive to another.

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    Well, given the forum you posted in I'll assume you are usig Adobe products for this job.

    The last I read, Adobe, simply do not support the use of external or networked hard drives.

    The statement does sort of date back to the times when such things were much slower so you shouldn;t really have an issue I would imagine but as you have....

    Are things better on an internal drive? try moving yor project to an internal drive and try it again. It might be a sustained data rate type issue.

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    Sorry yes I am using Adobe Premiere Pro 2. I have used external drives before on older versions of Premiere and slower machines but in thoses circumstances all the video was held in one drive so that may be my problem.
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    I would stick to using an internal HDD for video editing, and just use the external drive for storage if it is giving you problems. The internal drives are much faster at reading and writing data than (most) external drives. Is your external drive firewire or USB 2? You'd be better off getting a second internal drive - the largest you can afford.

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    Its Firewire and now with all the video files on here it doesnt seem to be suffering. Certainly Adbove Encore 2.0 is copiing at the moment.

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