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Thread: Sound in Video Clips TO BIG!

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    Default Sound in Video Clips TO BIG!

    Hi guys and girls

    Ok, i'll run you through what Im doing and try to explain what I mean.

    Im tring to make small 10m videos of all kinds of stuff, video games, sports, ect ect.

    So I film or capture from fraps,
    Send the avi's to Sony vegas 6, link um up, get the effects going and all that. Looks all good (very proud actualy :p)
    I then add my MP3's to the mini films, and export from vegas in Mpg format to Virtualdubmod, and encode with h264.

    But heres the problem.
    My 11m video, encodes to 250mo ... and the audio in that file is 130mo..
    So my Video is now over encoded and I lose to much quality because of the size of the audio..

    It makes me cry realy cuz I add MP3 to vegas.

    So basicly what am I doing wroung?
    Is there a way to add my MP3 file to the 130mo encoded video (After Virtualdubmod)
    of maybe im not doing something right :s

    Any help on the matter will be greatly apreciated,
    Thanks in advance

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    First, don't export from Vegas as MPG. Export as DV-AVI. Then use Vdub to compress to final form. Should be much less distortion. I recommend installing the Microsoft Windows Media 9 codec and using it for the final compression of both audio and video.
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    Just tried it and at 2Gb theres an error msg, Rendered media has exceded maximum size.

    I set the render to .avi and in the drop down menu I chose NTSC DV.

    Didnt touch any custom stuff for the first try and it didnt work (cries)
    Is there an option im not seeing?

    All I would like is to get my 10m video to around 200Mo MAX with nice quality.
    Been at this for 3 days now, sending me round the bend

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