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Thread: Vegas 6.0 noob= me :(

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    Default Vegas 6.0 noob= me :(

    K, I got vegas 6.0d yesterday, switched from pinnacle 9 plus, and was quite used to it. I've worked out a few things on vegas, but these are some, of the many things that are kinda confusing to me, cutting scenes, zooming in and out smoothly, and creating titles. Any info concerning common problems or stuff related to those above would be very much apprecieated, thanks.

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    Sorry but your question is far too vague. Read the manual that comes with it because it tells you the basics. Then ask a specific question and we'll try and help.

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    I too just upgraded from Pinnacle Studio and Vegas is great. The training on website was EXTREMELY useful for me

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    Persistence and a methodical approach is meeded. Vegas is a highly capable but complex editor with a steep learning curve at first. As with any piece of highly complex s ware it can take a considerable time to find your feet.

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    cutting use the "s" key, zooming "track motion" and tiles Third party jk "generated media"

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