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Thread: Marc, how much memory is needed??

  1. Default Marc, how much memory is needed??

    Hi marc,

    thanks for all you're help before. I have done what you told me to do and exported a minuite of all the different compressors and multiplied this by 60 and found they all needed 16 gb and up.

    I have only 7gb at the moment which would explain why it wont work.
    If theres 1000 mb in a gb? that means im gonna need to buy like 9000mb...?

    Please write back,

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    Your maths is accurate. However, Premiere won't be able to export a single video file and split it over two volumes therefore you will need all the space required on a single drive.

    So if you need to buy more HDD space the question is somewhat moot I think. You probably can't buy a drive with less than about 40Gb of space nowadays, and then I think you'd need to serach for it.

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    wait, I'm confused. are you talking about memory or hard drive capacity?

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    She means HDD capacity - and I believe she's bought an external HDD. Thread closed
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