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Thread: How were these effects achieved?

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    Default How were these effects achieved?

    I am EXTREMELY new to video editing and was wondering how some of the effects in these 2 music videos were achieved, Like what effects/software is needed. Even though I most likely won't be able to actually do it, I'm a little curious, lol.


    All I know about this video is that it was cell shaded...but I don't even know how to cell shade, lol. I think this video is beautiful and the backgrounds are just amazing, i think. I would love to try to make something like this...but in the distant future, lol.


    I love this video! I know this was done with a green screen but I really just want to know about the brushes, textures, speakers, moving text, victorian frames and all the other effects that make this video great!

    Thanx in advance! I really appreciate it

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    I can tell you now that you will find it extremely difficult to do most of what is done in thses videos. - Even I as a professional would find it difficul. There are a few key stages to all of this.

    1/ is as u guessed shooting the subject on a green/blue screen
    2/ creating all the artwork for the 2D graphics
    3/ creating the 3D graphics and enviorment
    4/ Compositing the varuious elenments together
    5 Final Edit.

    On those videos there were probably up to 30+ people working on various diffeent aspects of the stages.

    The main thing for you is Compositing - Compositing is basically editing multiple layers of video. eg, a video of a background layer, a graphics layer, the sunject layer then another graphics layer - all of these layers can move independantly of themselves. - this is all very advanced edit techniques but I hope this has shed some light on it for you.

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    ^thanx for the help!

    I was curious on how they were done that's all. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to do this, lol.

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