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Thread: My Criccieth Castle video

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    Default My Criccieth Castle video

    Had a couple of days touring Abersoch, Criccieth and porthmadog last week.

    Here's some edited footage and a bit of history of Criccieth Castle.

    As usual apologies fro the crap compressed YOUTUBE host.

    Anyone direct me to some decent quality web hosting?

    Video now on Google host so slightly less compression
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    I enjoyed that, itís a while since we had useful and informative views of interesting locations. I think youíve paced each scene comfortably. The boffins say always use a tripod, but youíre handholding was steady enough not to be too distracting.

    And the music is well chosen. Will you be adding some slices of narrative? Personally, Iíd like to hear some history of the place. That was a good point to insert views from the castle itself. After watching, I feel acquainted with the place, even though Iíd never heard of it.

    Youíre right, the compression is a bit severe, and this could be improved a fair bit.

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    Thanks very much for the kind words and constuructive criticism, exactly what i was hoping for

    Yes your right about using a tripod. I would have liked to have gone with a story board and tripod but this was just captured footage taken on the day (fortunatley it happened to be very quiet on the day) with no real plan. It was only later after viewing the captured footage that i decided to make a little documentary

    I must say that i am a little disapointed in the fact that 32 people have viewd the video and only 1 has commented How can i hope to improve if nobody comments- good or bad
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    Thumbs up

    Itís a Ďquietí lull in the normal run of things. Lately there hasnít been much in the way of comment on anything. This is partly because of holidays, and partly because many here are frantically trying to finish their competition entries Ė the closing date is end of August.

    Normally, thereís a fair bit of activity on this part of the forum, so donít feel youíve been overlooked.

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    ive loaded the video onto Google host so less compression means better picture quality (bit better)

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    That was pretty nice the music went very well with it.
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