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Thread: old film effect for adobe premire elements

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    Default old film effect for adobe premire elements

    ive been reading through posts and searching on google, but i cant find a plugin for PE2 that gives and old film effect ive downloaded trial versions of cinelook(but it costs like $8000)
    and aged film(but i cant find a price for that) . please could sumbody tell me wer to find a plugin that is a reasonable price, simply one like the windows movie maker old fim effect would be perfect.

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    Default Windows moviemaker

    Why not export your film into windows moviemaker apply the effect render it and then re import in premiere elements.

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    Interesting topic. I've been wondering for a while about this too.

    I've used windows movie maker, and i've been using it for a while. But I kept wondering, how could I do more (not just a click-and-drag effect).

    I've been thinking of making the kind of effect that MTV music video clips (which has an old scene in it) has. I know they're using professional stuff and all, but is it possible to manually 'compose' the effect using the standard video effects that premiere pro 2.0 has?
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    So I typically use two filters for this. The first is free and is an absolutely excellent filter with many options to adjust and is a VirtualDub MSU Old Cinema filter. This filter allows me to set up noise, spots, lines, frame rate, and colour (although I use a different filter for the colour).

    Secondly I apply Magic Bullet'sMovies Looks filter (although I appreciate this is a little pricey). This has a large list of preset movie looks (some really cool ones in there). I either go for a sepia or a B&W with some bloom in it. Here's what I just knocked up using those two filters in around 2 minutes. If I was going to use this clip I would make some fine adjustments (the image could do with soften a little, some bloom around the edges could be enhanced and also I would work a little on the frame rate (have some frames drop out), but you can see you can get very close very quickly.

    Sample Clip [Type: mp4, Size: 1.8MB]

    If you don't wish to outlay the cost for Magic Bullet, then you can achieve a similar effect by converting to B&W and softening, and slightly darkening the image.

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