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Thread: Weird thing in video capture

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    Default Weird thing in video capture

    Ive been capturing video for a long time and always had multiple clips for whatever i captured for the cuts in scenes where i started and stopped the camera,

    but recently when i have captured it has ran all my clips together into one long scene which is very irritating because i have to go into this gigantic scene that fills my timeline and find the cuts in the scene myself instead of just pulling clips of the scenes from the project media tab.

    Has anyone had a problem like this? and can anyone help to figure out how to get it back so that i have mulitple clips for each cut in the video instead of all the cuts running together in one long scene?

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    Are you still capturing from the same camera, some of cameras do clips, others a big chunk.

    I think there is a setting to change this, I will have a look...

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    ahh, yeah i used to used the panasonic PV-GS 250 and ive recently bought the Sony VX2100, the VX2100 captures in one big chunk and i want to change it back to clips if at all possible

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