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    Question Video Editing Novice

    Hello everyone!

    I don't know if i am posting in the wrong area.

    I just start it with video editing,
    and i was wondering if somebody can help me with this question.

    Here are some information about my PC and other software…
    Pentium III 1.3GHz, 64MB Video Card, 320MB Memory RAM
    Video software editing: Screenblast, Pinnacle Studio Plus, Etc.

    I have like three hours of video in my handy camcorder...
    After transferring and editing these four hours of video, I can't make it fit
    In a single layer DVD, and on top of that, the video have lot of bad quality.

    I want to get the best quality of the video with out losing the color and the
    Good quality of the video, but if I try to shrink the video I will get a bad quality.

    I would like to know a good video editing software that will let me do all of this
    With out shrink the video and be able to put all my video and the single layer DVD.

    I also have this other question; I was wondering what video editing software
    did this user use to edit this small piece of video effect with this cat, Thanks.
    Here is the link:

    Any comment and help will be appreciate


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    Whew! Squeezing 4 hours onto a single surface disk and keeping quality is a very tough job. About the best you can use to do it is TMPGenc with a quarter D1 setting. And even then you'll still lose resolution. Using the low resolution setting and MP2 audio, you can get 270 minutes onto a single surface DVD-R. But many DVD authoring programs will not like this and try to 'fix' the video, messing up everything.
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    Default You need a serious upgrade CPU & RAM

    Your processor should be 3ghz minimum and RAM should be 1GB. It will speed up what you are doing and stop the system from crashing. You won't regret spending the money. Can't remember from your post but if you can get a separate graphics card with 128mb on it you'll do even better.

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    Thanks for you comments!

    I am not an expert with video editing but...
    I would say that with little hove video movies
    You don't actually need something that advance
    Like a high performance PC with 3.0 GHz and lot of memory
    I think with what i got is enough for what am trying to make.

    Here is what i done so far...
    From 3 hours of video transferring from my camcorder to my PC
    i get the same three hours, of course i'll get the same amount of video : )
    Then after i have edit and add few effects to my little home video movie
    I load this utility video program => "Convert X to DVD" This program
    convert these three hours of video and something short and with good
    quality of video, I done this like 60 times already and the videos don't
    look that bad.

    But i though that in this forums i was going to get more ideas on how to
    do all of this better than I,

    No one has answered my question in the order i post it.
    But is ok, Thank you for you comments.

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