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Thread: 3 music tracks from Slide

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    Default 3 music tracks from Slide

    Thought you might enjoy this one - 3 original numbers from Ipswich band SLIDE. Shot with 2 cams Feb 2005 - I haven't seen it for months, and remember how much I enjoyed doing it (despite being bloody cold!)

    It's a 250ish Kbps compression - I'm surprised how clean it sounds!
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    Hi there

    just seen your video for slide. Looks pretty good for a freebie. just a few pointers i would surgest.

    1. if it was filmed with 2 camera's in a one take shot ie the band performed each song once and the 2 cameras filmed it looks good, but i would have maybe done 2 takes and got more close ups.

    2. Maybe if you had changed position even moved so you got a different background it would of been a bit more interesting, it a bit anouying seeing the green boat in the background once you get to the 3rd song.

    3. Move stuff out of shot if it shouldn't be there, who was the coloured guy in the first song?? why was he there, and why was the a car in shot in the 2nd song??.

    4. I would of faded the songs out visually with the music, so that the two go together.

    Hope you think i haven't been too harsh, sorry if you think that but i think its allways better to be honest about a video. The band sounded really good and i hope they get somewhere, but its a hard business, god i know i've treid it in a few bands myself.
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