I've posted my problem in the Avid forums, but as yet no one has come up with the answer, or a workaround...getting frustrating

I've upgraded from LE6.1 to AL7 then 7.1SP1 (hoping this would iron out the bug ridden software)

my first project went perfect on my new pc, the second project my problem came back

project length aprox 1hr 20mins, 8 chapters.

It only occurs on the first chapter and only if i select it from the menu.

The sound has completey disapeared, and the imgae appears to skip slightly. but if i go to the second chapter and fast reverse, the audio is there and plays ok

my settings are Dolby stereo, 8000 peak, 7000 av. and rendering to video_ts files.
I've also adjusted my audio settings to PCM,( i do tend to get a better result this way)
Finally, The DVD does play ok in certain brands of DVD players, get better results from the cheaper brands (I.E Matsui, Bush etc) Samsung, and Sony players have more trouble.

Another point, whilst experimenting, I've tried this on two seperate PC's both with AL7.1SP1 but with different Spec, and i still get these errors. This problem does not occur in Liquid 6.1

Hope this isn't too confusing!


ASUS P5WD2 Premium Motherboard, ATI X1800GTO Graphics Card, 1Gb Mem, Intel P4 3.8Ghz dual core Proc, Pioneer A09 DVD writer.