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    I'm brand new to your forums and I hope to learn a ton from here.

    I just recently got serious about armature video production. I'm developing a project that will require regular video production. Each video will be about 1 to 2 minutes in length. They will pretty much consist of just me talking with some graphic text mixed in. Right now I'm using a Sony DCRTRV19 MiniDV camera and Pinnacle 9 to edit everything.

    The advice I'm looking for here is how to determine the best location to shoot, with regards to sound.

    Are there rooms and/or areas in a house that are more conducive to good sound?

    What are ways to compensate for poor acoustics in the home?

    Should I look at a better mic than the build in one on my MiniDV camera?

    thanks in advance,

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    Yes, an external mic is definitely worth its money, if your cam has such an input.
    As for the locations... it depends on your project. What is it about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihai
    Yes, an external mic is definitely worth its money, if your cam has such an input.
    What mic do you recommend?

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    Different types work for different jobs. Since you will mostly have a 'talking head' in your video, a lavalier is what you need for starters.

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    What's your project on?

    Location should look good

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    Keep the background noise down as much as possible, hence the tie clip microphone. If you are looking for a much 'warmer' sound then record indoors with a carpet on the floor, padded walls, soft furnishings, to absorb the sound rather than reflect it if you were in a room with bare concrete walls and lots of hard furniture. I hear jumping into a wardrobe with a mattress and a handheld mic is a good idea (matron quick, get the medication...).

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