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    Default Working with vegas

    2 new videos I have recently put up onto youtube here using Sony Vegas.

    The software is fantastic to work with and there is so much I am learning with each new edit.

    The edits are straightforward really and its the content and video idea I like to try and promote rather than any attempt to show off SONY - i think they get enough advertising as it is

    The first is suffer the children - I made this in reflection of the recent news on the suffering going on in the current israeli/lebanese conflict - Viewer discretion - does contain images of suffering and children who have died due to phospherous weaponry and bombing victims

    The second is Ah Pook the Destroyer - a tribute to both burroughs and Hiroshima, seeing as I have seen nothing today - August 6th on the Hiroshima issue - then I have added this as a take on the subject

    Again viewer discretion - does contain images of hiroshima radiation victims

    Just my first two videos I have made using the Sony Vegas editor

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    Videos of apocalyptic views, and montages of world conflict are posted here quite often. They are usually, yours included, edited very well, but IMO they rarely offer anything out of the ordinary.

    Sure these conflicts are regrettable; everyone abhors warfare and the suffering of children especially. Half way through each vid, I got the feeling that nothing new is being said, and no light being shed on why hatred erupts into appalling violence.

    I think itís good to edit existing footage, but after seeing many vidz of this type, I prefer to see original work actually shot by the contributor. Donít wish to sound too negative, but I felt at times youíre multiple-imaging went on a little too long, and the music too, mainly in the first video.

    You edit very well, though. Iíve never used Vegas, but Iím tempted to give the download version a tryout.

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    Many Thanks Tony

    My main interest is in editing and the subjects I like to look at, well, unless youtube pay me a few million for my videos I cant fund the travel and time to get these clips

    But yes these types of montages are done a lot and I appreciate its not what everyones interest is.

    I try to edit less than more a tip I have been given from a student friend working on cinematography. I try not to show off the editor as best I can. I have seen a few clips that have used every transition and fx in the box lol

    Sony Vegas has such a subtle ease of use to it. I am experienced only from the dreaded windows movie maker and moved onto Vegas. The instruction manual and guide is ok but really it excels itself at being a product where you just find your way.

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