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Thread: Capture: XP Sony DTV320

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    Default Capture: XP Sony DTV320

    I've had this camera for several years, and it works fine. Now trying to capture video
    to burn on dvd. Just purchased the Dazzle DV clip firewire card/cable.

    windows xp sp2; dazzle DV clip for XP; Pinnacle Studio Quickstart 8.8.16

    When camera is turned on (vtr), the pc popup recognizes the SONY DV CAMCORDER,
    then the device manager popup....see attachement CAP1.JPG, asking to install the
    device driver, which according to the many other threads I've looked at suggests to
    point to the msdv.inf. This seems to say the camera should be able to use the
    AVC DEVICE, but end result is that unable to capture...

    I've sent an email to pinnacle asking for suggestions, but wondering if anyone has
    used pinnacle studio with a sony dtv320 or similar camera in a windows xp environment?
    Things that I've tried:

    changed pci slots for firewire card
    uninstalled/installed drivers
    checked the windows/inf/msdv.* files
    intalled/uninstalled/installed pinnacle studio
    cleaned the cup holder...

    Any further ideas/suggestions, greatly appriciated.


    The CAP2.JPG shows the device manager objects involved here....
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I don't know if you've tried this or if it will work but here goes, put the software CD in again and connect up the camera, when the Detecting New Hardware window appears, click on Cancel to get rid of the winodw and just install the software (drivers and any utilites) directly from the CD. I would also suggest you disable any antivirus software for the installation period and disable any background utilites (enable them again when the software is installed) that might be running including a screensaver.

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    Default fixed...

    In my case the I had to do a full rebuild of XP. I had forgotten about a virus
    that the pc picked up a year or so ago, and the subsequent repair seemed to hose
    XP. Several devices would not work after this repair. With a clean install
    of XP SP2, everything works!

    The moral of this story...if none of the fixes you find via google/ask, then a
    os rebuild is probably the best bet.

    Thank you....

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