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    Due to budget, I have purchased, though not received yet, a Panasonic DV camcorder, which only has a USB connection. I do not yet have a Firewire card on my PC, which I am thinking of installing. After having read about the benefits of F irewire connection, I am now doubting whether I made the right decidion here. My thoughts were, not to lay out too much money on a camcorder as I want to see first how I get on with it.
    Shall I send it back and opt for one with Firewire connection?
    I need to upgrade my computer anyway, hence the causion financially.

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    A Digital camcorder with no Firewire?? Are your sure? Its not called something else like i-link or simply DV Output? Having just checked Panasonic's WEB site, even their entry level cameras have DV Output (Firewire).

    If you want to achieve decent results from your video footage via your PC then USB is not the answer. Double check the spec of your camera, if it has no Firewire (or DV Output) then send it back.

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