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Thread: Compositing Problem involving animating still images

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    Default Compositing Problem involving animating still images

    I have two still images (but will ultimately use video) and I am trying to create a set effect.

    I have a photo door-like section of a wall and a photo of a room. I want the door-like section of the wall to slide up (like a door opening upwards) revealing the room, making it look as if the room is inside the wall.

    I am not sure if I would need parent-child compositing, or if I can do it more simply.

    I have tried this so far with 3 layers - the door, the wall and the inner room. I was thinking of using pan/crop to get the door to slide up, and perhaps PIP to add the room over the door-section, making it appear like a room. However, the room is not the correct shape or resolution, and when I use the Sony Cookie Cutter Effect, the rectangle seems to be in a fixed ratio, and increasing it only increases the width and height, when I need to do them independently.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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    You are nearly there I think.

    The cookie cutter is quite limited and what you really need to do is use the mask tool in the track motion tool. Have a look see and if you dont get it I will post more info.

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    Thanks Mark

    I am still getting my head round the better (but more long-winded) Vegas way, having previosuly used Pinnacle Studio where the PIP overlay could easily be resized using handles.

    I'll have a try with this and get back


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