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    Hello guys,
    i'm looking for some advice on choosing a decent camcoder. Generally what i want from it is getting great colours, like when i see green to think "yea, that's what i call green". I'd need it for recording some freestyle acrobatics so the quality of the picture is not that important, just something that would do the work. Here is a that i consider having a good colours.
    About the price, i'd ask you to recommend me some models who cost less than $600.


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    Camcorders using 3ccds are becoming the norm now. (Thatís one sensor for each primary colour Ė previously, consumer cams used only one sensor for all three.) The sharpness and colour can equal professional cameras, which have used 3ccds for a long time. Iím no expert, but this Panasonic model is highly rated for its price.

    I suggest you Google for the latest types, thereís a lot to choose from. If you can stretch your budget, look at the new High Definition (HD) models, picture quality is amazingly good.

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    Yes, I agree with Tony A about the 3CCD camcorders, any system that processes the Red, Green and Blue parts of the image seperately is definitely better. Also the bigger the CCD's and the optics also come into play, if you stick with well known manufacturers then you can't go wrong. You may not be looking for much now, but you will be surprised at how quickly video production can become addictive and you'll always want to improve on every video you make since the last one. I like Panasonics and 3CCD JVC's aswell but with HD becoming more popular you might want to consider that aswell.

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    Thank you very much!


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