Hi Everyone!

I'm new to this kind of forum so I appreciate your patience with my new thread.

Here's the deal.

Final Cut Pro on a Power Mac G5 with the dual 1.8 processors. Everything works great except for the typical FCP issues.

What I'm trying to accomplish is an upgrade on my system to a more professional level.

I just bought a Sony GVD 1000 DV Deck for capturing. It has a four inch NTSC quality monitor which adds an additional display.

What I'd like to do is have two computer monitors and the GVD set up.
I'd like to be able to have device control on capture, print to tape, and solid audio without headphones.

Any suggestions on how to make this setup sweet? Do I need one of A/V converter boxes to help with audio output? If you know of a good visual on the wiring/schematic that's always helpful for me.

Again..Thanks new friends