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Thread: Earn Cash from your clips

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    Exclamation Earn Cash from your clips

    Want to earn cash from the can?

    Mediapos is a new website dedicated to providing the best quality media content at the best possible prices.

    We are looking for submitters to add content to our growing resource, from photography to sound clips, moving image to animation.

    So instead of having hours of good footage that perhaps did not make the edit, lying locked in cupboards on master tapes, or that beautiful scene you filmed but have no outlet for...

    Files full of great photographs that are just taking up disk space...

    That half finished audio track that you left to complete later but moved onto the next masterpiece...

    Don't leave them stuck, talk to us, our audience is hungry…

    For more information please contact

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    there are way too many of these!

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    Quote Originally Posted by komatoast
    there are way too many of these!
    I agree! Over priced and overated. May they all be consigned to the digital abyss!

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    Most of these types of site fade away over time . . . they soon lose enthusiasm when they don't make big bucks in fifteen minutes!
    I try to make someone happy every day - but it may not be your turn today . . .

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