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Thread: Problems installing Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0

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    Unhappy Problems installing Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0

    Had a disastrous first week with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0. Inititial installation did not complete - got stuck trying to load the Adobe Online Help (I was connected to the internet so there should have been no issue) - waited an hour and then had to kill the installation. Software works to a degree but crashes a lot and won't recognise my DVD device, so is pretty much unusable. I am hoping this behaviour is because of the incomplete installation. Have tried to do a repair installation and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the same thing happens each time. At a loss as to what to do next. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Are you running any other software in the background while installing? What is the spec of your computer, I can't remember off hand but I think Adobe Premiere needs a certain amount of memory, processor and there was one other thing, I think it is called SSE2 to be on your computer, I could be a mile off. Is it a legit copy of the software?

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    Prem Pro does need SP2, it also has a minimum requirement of- 2.4 processor, 512 ram, and even then, it won't really run properly until you have at least a 3 ghz computer in my opinion.

    Maybe you could get away with less processing power/ Ram etc, if you have a good capture card or graphics card.
    But all I know is that Premier Pro never ran even close to properly for me until i went out and bought a Duel-processor 3 ghz, graphics card with it's own ram and put a gig of ram in my new computer. Anything under this isn't really efficient even though Adobe will tell you it is.

    I could be wrong, BUT i used premier pro on a number of computers including ones with the
    2.4 processors and even computers with 2.8 processor power and it never really ever ran properly.

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    Thanks for the replies. I will do some checking - the PC is a new Dell and has a GIG of RAM. I'll check on SP2 and the clock speed. Probably will invest in a good graphics card too. The software is ligit and have now also downloaded a ton of info from the Adobe Support Website. It does recommend turning off security apps and firewalls when you install, so will have another go. Thanks again for the advice.

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    Solved the installation problems by reinstalling with all anti-virus software turned off. System now stable and can burn DVDs. Thanks for all your suggestions. Richard

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